The complete learning platform


A unified solution, made for L&D

Why spend time and effort managing and juggling multiple learning systems? The Valamis complete learning solution streamlines your learning tech, bringing everything together into one unified corporate learning platform, with maximum engagement and minimal clicks.

Unified learning solution

Personalised learning, and compliance training

Combining the best of both learning experience platforms and learning management systems, with Valamis you never have to compromise on either. Deliver compliance training, recertification and certificates whilst driving self-driven learning, reskilling and upskilling.

Personalisation and certification

Secure service,
fit for any industry

As a modern SaaS solution Valamis can meet even the most demanding service requirements of finance, law, and manufacturing industries. We keep the platform constantly up-to-date, while your data stays always encrypted and on the same continent with you.

Data security

Certified and secure

Unique partnership approach

We believe that success requires more than just a platform, it’s about people and working in partnership with our customers. Our aim is to become an extension of your team, supporting your learning journey at every step. Learn more about our unique partnership approach and how we deliver added value to our customers’ complete learning solution.

Our Method

Partnership approach

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  • 35+

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    net promotor score

  • 24/7


Key platform features

  • studio
    Easy content creation

    Drive innovation by empowering your learners to create and share content. Import and refresh old content or use our intuitive tools to create modern, attention-grabbing new content.
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  • Flexible learning paths

    Structure learning goals in a clear, modern way for learners to track and manage their progress. Using gamification principles, learners can receive awards and points whilst increasing their skills.
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  • Impactful integrations

    Create a seamless learning experience by plugging in the tools your people love to use. Remove barriers to learning and get engagement from the start with one login and minimal clicks.
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  • Skills mapping

    Drive performance improvements by identifying your skills gaps and strengths. Link these to business goals and content curation to make the learning journey effortlessly part of reskilling and upskilling.
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  • Event management

    Support any online and in-person learning activity, from informal 1:1s to large-scale training events. Syncs with Outlook and Microsoft Teams calendars, ensuring you never miss an event again.
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  • Built-in learning record store

    The most reliable LRS in the industry, uniquely built and managed in-house by our data experts. Everything that you need for learning analytics without adding any extra systems.
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  • Analytics and reporting

    More than just compliance alone, our learning analytics software is linked to talent development, upskilling and reskilling through meaningful learning experiences and engaging content.
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  • Mobile learning, also offline

    For employees who need to learn on-the-go on or work offline, the Valamis mobile app works across all devices. Our market-leading app is included as part of your complete learning solution.
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  • “Valamis has essentially built the modern end-to-end learning platform every company dreams about.”

    Josh Bersin, Global Research Analyst, Public Speaker, and Advisor

  • “The level of measuring that the platform allows for, I think that’s the core strength for me. Of course, I’m biased here because I’m really into the data and I just see that Valamis is great when it comes to the data.”

    Samuel van Kiel, Global Learning Specialist, Valtech

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  • “We wanted a flexible, modern platform that could be tailored to our needs, offer the latest technological innovations, and grow with our organization over time.

    Valamis was the only platform that met all our requirements.”

    Gabrielle de Bourg, Learning Manager at Sverok

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  • “We really like the learning paths and the way you can curate the content into a learning path. And we really also like the roadmap that Valamis has which matches our own which is to get to the point where we can really personalize the learning and provide the learners exactly what they need at the right moment.”

    Mary Brosch, Manager of Online Learning Systems, Amadeus North America

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Add-ons: Your ecosystem, even better.


Our special suite for talent retention and career planning. Retain skills, empower employees.
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Turn your content into profit. Sell learning to external partners and audiences.
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Explore our leading integrated content libraries. Global and multi-lingual.
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