Valamis Studio

Content authoring for everyone

Unleash the content creators in your company and empower them to make great content for all to enjoy.

Valamis Studio


Make truly personalised learning. Create unique learning paths for different roles, groups and people and discover the difference great content makes to learning results. Compose content within lessons, courses, events, assignments and configure them according to your needs.


  • Content curation

    Create, update and manage courses in one place. Compose from scratch or convert existing PDF, PTTX, and video files into lessons.

  • Multilingual

    Easily scale language versions of your content. Add translations to your lessons by simply changing the language of the page.

  • Responsiveness

    Create responsive content for any screen size, select required views and easily change the positioning of the content to fit the new view.

  • Videos

    Create courses using embedded YouTube and Vimeo links. Connect to your own channel and add videos into courses in one click.

  • Assessments and quizzes

    Create interest with interactive content and pick from different answer formats such as positioning, multiple choice, matching or numeric.

  • Convert or Import

    Give a new life to old content. Valamis Studio automatically converts existing presentations, white papers, brochures or videos into new format courses.

  • Templates

    Pre-defined templates quickly allow you to configure page structure, content type, elements, and their positioning, or easily duplicate an existing page.

  • Autosave & Versioning

    Freedom to experiment and be creative, the autosave feature saves your work as you go, versioning takes you straight back to where you left off.

See it in action

At Valamis we have experts who take content design, UI and UX really seriously! They know exactly how to make content into a an experience that’s enjoyable, never boring. Get in touch to see a demo of our content creation tools, made by our content creators for yours.