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Enhance your learning experience with ready-made content library integrations. Access libraries of expertly made podcasts, videos, eLearning courses, books and more.

Valamis Content Integrations


Save time on content creation by delivering expert content at the click of a button. Valamis content library integrations are a valuable tool for increasing efficiency, consistency, quality, and accessibility in content creation, while also helping to save costs. Our content partners plug into your learning platform to combine their content ecosystem with yours. Instantly start adding content to your recommendations and learning paths, and your learners can quickly find what they need by using Valamis’ search.

Curation is crucial, that’s why our partners and the Valamis experts will help, support and advise you on the best content fit for your learners and the most effective ways to curate it.


  • Increase efficiency

    Learners can quickly and easily find what they need without having to spend time searching. It saves a significant amount of time and increases productivity.

  • Cost Saving

    Save your business money by letting a content library do the hard work with no extra contracts and fewer procurement costs, all part of your Valamis package.

  • Consistent

    Ensuring that all of your content is consistent helps to build a cohesive learning experience, making it easier for learners to recognise and engage with content.

  • Quality

    High-quality content assets enhance the overall quality of your learning platform. Great content increases engagement and is more effective in achieving its goals.

  • Accessible

    Add to your learning paths or lessons and make it easy for those with less time, content creation or design expertise to create professional-looking content.

  • Time Saving

    Creating content takes time and expertise. Through a content integration you can find the right content, in the right format and delivered to the right learners, fast.

  • Multi Lingual

    Available in multiple languages, our content partners are globally renowned sources of business, leadership, and personal development content.

  • Up-to-date

    Continuously updated and maintained, staying relevant and up to date is effortless, with new content added for you on a regular basis.

Course marketplaces with Valamis

We partner with Go1, the world’s largest digital learning library

  • Fuel your Valamis Learning Solution with Go1’s content ecosystem for personalised recommendations, learning paths, and easy search.
  • No more juggling logins – one seamless integration brings you quality content, 100,000+ engaging resources, and support in multiple languages.
  • For learning leaders, find relevant courses, track skills development, and maintain a cost-efficient solution.
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