Valamis CareerBurst

Talent retention toolkit

CareerBurst is a career development and planning tool to empower employees to start thinking about driving their own career within your organisation. As a brand new add-on to the Valamis complete learning solution, CareerBurst is designed to enhance every touch point of the learning journey.


Valamis CareerBurst


CareerBurst is a brand new addition to the Valamis learning solution. CareerBurst helps you to retain the talent in your company by providing the tools and guidance to support your people with their career development and mobility within your organisation. Career progression for everyone, not just the high-flyers.

Unique exercises to identify strengths and motivations

Think Strengths are exercises that help your employees to identify their strengths. Think Motivation exercises explore what motivates your employees at work – what is most important to them in their roles.

Unique exercises

Tactics to beat the biggest career blockers

Getting started with personal career development may feel like an overwhelming task. The tactic cards in CareerBurst help learners find their focus and commit to tangible steps which help them take their career forward.

Unique exercises

Content and frameworks to boost learning

With it’s included career resources and career conversation framework, CareerBurst enables learners a more meaningful, personal, and goal-oriented learning experience.

CareerBurst is currently available in English.

Unique exercises


  • Motivate icon
    Retain Talent

    Decrease staff turnover, by
    motivating individuals and take control of their own development and career planning

  • Engage Employees

    Empower managers to hold better career conversations, and demonstrate that they truly value them in the organisation

  • Self-Driven Growth Culture

    Increase flexibility and build better work relationships by providing the tools for self-driven development

  • Support Diversity & Inclusion

    Create a level playing field and
    address any imbalances by
    boosting career development in under represented groups

  • Data growth icon
    Reporting Tools

    Spot trends in the organisation as whole, or within a select group. Use data to prove the impact of career development

  • Save Money

    Achieve a return on investment by helping employees to grow and progress at your organisation,
    reducing recruitment costs

  • Content icon
    Career Content Included

    Research based content designed to support development. Includes bite sized tips, career blogs, vlogs and podcasts

  • Business strategy icon
    Reskill & Upskill

    Link career conversations to skills gaps and use your learning
    strategy and content curation to upskill and reskill

Connecting Skills to Career Mobility

In addition to this guide, our Knowledge Hub article on Career Development Plans includes a free template for you to download and start towards career mobility today.

Start Your CareerBurst Conversation

The Valamis experts on talent management and career development are here to guide you. Contact us to discuss how CareerBurst can grow your employees, retain talent and support your organisation’s strategic goals.

Frequently asked questions

What languages do you support?

Our learning platform is available in 37 languages and we are always adding more so please ask if you have a language requirement. CareerBurst is a brand new product and therefore currently available in English only.

Can I buy CareerBurst separately?

No, CareerBurst is an add-on product for the Valamis learning solution and has been designed to work with other features of our platform such as skills and continuous professional development (CPD).

How would I implement CareerBurst in my company?

Our experts have a depth of experience and are on hand to guide you through the process of successfully implementing CareerBurst and support you in creating a culture of self-driven growth.