Key platform features


One unified learning platform with all the essential features included as standard. Reduce vendor management and focus on perfecting your L&D initiative with a powerful and flexible set of capabilities.

CreateGreat content drives great results. Create, share, and curate what matters.

Easy content creation

Drive innovation by empowering your learners to create and share content. Import and refresh old content or use our intuitive tools to create modern, attention-grabbing new content.

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Flexible learning paths

Structure learning goals in a clear, modern way for learners to track and manage their progress. Using gamification principles, learners can receive awards and points whilst increasing their skills.

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Simple event management

Support any online and in-person learning activity, from informal 1:1s to large-scale training events. Syncs with Outlook and Microsoft Teams calendars, ensuring you never miss an event again.

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IntegrateWith Valamis’ integrations and apps, the learning experience extends beyond.

Impactful integrations

Create a seamless learning experience by plugging in the tools your people love to use. Remove barriers to learning and get engagement from the start with one login and minimal clicks.

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Mobile learning, also offline

For employees who need to learn on-the-go on or work offline, the Valamis mobile app works across all devices. Our market-leading app is included as part of your complete learning solution.

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MeasureFounded on data, so you can see exactly how your L&D initiative succeeds.

Skills mapping

Drive performance improvements by identifying your skills gaps and strengths. Link these to business goals and content curation to make the learning journey effortlessly part of reskilling and upskilling.

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Analytics and reporting

More than just compliance alone, our learning analytics software is linked to talent development, upskilling and reskilling through meaningful learning experiences and engaging content.

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Built-in learning record store

The most reliable LRS in the industry, uniquely built and managed in-house by our data experts. Everything that you need for learning analytics without adding any extra systems.

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Our experts, here to help

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for from a learning solution, or don’t know where to start, our experts are here to advise you and to help solve your challenges.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find more information about the platform?

For more information on our learning solution and what is included please visit our product page. To discover more about our unique partnership approach please visit our method.

Are the features separate offerings?

No, these features are all included in our complete learning solution. Each feature works together for a holistic approach to learning and development. To understand how they create a complete learning experience please contact us for a personalised demo.

Who is Valamis?

Founded in Finland in 2003, Valamis has offices around the world. We are a people-first company, rooted in Nordic values with the importance of work-life balance, equality, and transparency at the core. Our development of a visionary learning product fit for now and the future is recognised on the Fosway 2023 9-Grid for Learning Systems.

For more information on our values and company culture click here.