Valamis eCommerce

Turn content into profit

Add eCommerce to your complete learning solution and create, consume, track, and sell training online.


If you already use a payment gateway provider or are just curious about the idea of combining eCommerce with learning platforms, we can help guide you. We partner with the global payment provider Stripe to give you peace of mind on your eCommerce journey. Pre-built for a quick setup, managing eCommerce from your learning platform is straightforward.


  • Data tracking: track and analyse data on learner and buyer behaviour
  • Sell digital training, webinars, live events and seminars
  • Track purchases for insight on learning and buying behaviour
  • Showcase your catalogue publicly, or for members only
  • Localise your content, pricing and taxes to match the market
  • Set general and membership-based discounts
  • Limit the sales to a certain time period
  • Allow payment via credit card or invoice
  • Integrate with our global payment gateway providers
  • Collect buyers on the waitlist
  • Secure & reliable
  • GDPR Compliant & Accessible
  • Build
  • Showcase
  • Sell
  • Learn

Build your training catalogue of digital training, webinars, live events and seminars.

Show the learning product promises, prerequisites and learning goals in a minimalistic view.

Lead the customer to checkout with the help of the shopping cart.

Let your customers experience the Valamis learning experience.

Learn more about eCommerce use cases

Businesses can benefit from eCommerce in numerous ways.

In this blog Maaike Beenen, senior UX designer at Valamis, describes different use cases and explains how Valamis eCommerce was born.

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Using eCommerce in Your L&D Strategy

Discuss eCommerce with us

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