Onboarding and orientation in one digital environment

Case: Forerunner in Digital Transformation of Learning

Community, development, and learning together in one digital environment: This is what we at Valamis want to share with our customers and, most importantly, bring to our employee onboarding process, too. However, being an internationally growing company with over 200 employees working in different offices globally makes this mission quite a challenge for us. For our company to be successful, we needed a digital learning platform that could help in onboarding, supporting, and developing our employees.

Challenge: Overcoming the cons of growth

It may not come as a surprise that growth in employees creates difficulties with technology and resources. Employee onboarding and orientation of employees face-to-face required a lot of planning from us, not to mention the amount of money, time, and resources it took away from the actual work. Finding a technology – a platform that could be scaled and customized easily – proved to be one of the biggest challenges to overcome. Where could we find the perfect solution, a digital learning environment to combine our employees with our company values?

The overall monitoring of our employee qualifications is also important. What kinds of skills do we have and might be lacking competencies, for example? What kind of knowledge do we predict we’ll need in the future? In the highly competitive fields of technology and digitization, it is essential for our company’s success that we have the professional skills of every employee checked and developed, throughout their career.

We knew that there was only one right solution to these challenges, and it was found in the very building blocks of our company.

Solution: Valamis – the equilibrium between resources and learning

We believe that new learning methods combined with the right technology are the key to successful workforce development. Valamis – Learning Experience Platform allows us to experiment with new learning pedagogies, such as phenomenon-based learning. By utilizing Valamis in our learning and onboarding process, it enables us to mix together formal and social learning – our employees have a social learning environment where they can interact, learn, and share knowledge with each other. Valamis allows us to choose our own pace to process information and effectively absorb content. We want to focus on the learning processes of both already existing and new employees so that we can support their individual learning needs. With this in mind, we created different onboarding processes and material for different job tasks.

“Our learning environment is mainly used for training purposes, but, in there, members will also find versatile materials on the history and future of Valamis. Our learning environment also enables you to accomplish ArcuTasks, such as completing tasks with the help of given hints, while, at the same time, getting to know our people, culture, and organization. Furthermore, introducing members to all of the tools and programs that we use in the company used to take a lot of time, so we have decided to digitize this part of the onboarding process as well,” says Maria Vihtkari, Chief Human Resource Officer at Valamis, explaining how Valamis benefits our employees and the company.

Outcome: Turning cons into pros

After introducing Valamis to our own workplace, our scattered employees have been reunited and their learning processes secured. In addition to the employee onboarding and orientation, the learning platform is well suited to testing and benchmarking different methods and tools of digital learning that can be utilized in workforce development. In Valamis, competencies and capabilities can be defined, measured, analyzed, and transformed from an individual level all the way through to an organizational level. As a cost-efficient online learning environment that fosters flexible social learning and individual development independently from time and place, Valamis provides us with the best tools to react to the ever-changing world of learning.

“By combining the benefits of digitalization with the workforce, we get the best results. Ultimately, employees are every company’s most valuable resource, and the source of its competitiveness,” says Janne Hietala, Chief Commercial Officer at Valamis, explaining how digitalization is beneficial for companies. “The digital workplace enables fluent communications and teamwork, even though the employees may not physically be in the same place. This also makes it possible for the best professionals in the field globally to contribute to a company’s success.”

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