Valamis Updates its Sustainability Focus Areas for 2022

Joensuu, Finland, 30 November 2021. Valamis has worked hard to update its focus areas and sustainability initiatives for 2022. In collaboration with customers and Responsia Quality Solutions, it has put into place many sustainability initiatives. These include the yearly security audits and new six month of paid maternity leave policy for all Valamis offices.

Valamis wanted to ensure that its sustainability focus areas are clear and positively impact employees, clients, and communities.

“The core of a company’s sustainability is created by combining the company’s internal views and the customer views. Around these views, the company can build a truly impactful sustainability program. Valamis had already started developing their sustainability efforts before our cooperation. By listening to customers’ opinions about sustainability we were able to clarify and tone up the direction of the work done in sustainability. This way, it’s easier to direct the sustainability work to matters, that bring value to the customers and company as well as to the environment and society”, says Niina Suuronen, Expert in Quality and Sustainability, Responsia Quality Solutions Ky.

The project was carried out in workshops with the Valamis management team and by research interviews with Valamis customers from several different countries. From the customer point of view, some of Valamis’ most important areas in sustainability included: “Reduction of customers’ material consumption and travelling needs with the help of learning” in addition to “Data safety and responsible use of data.”

From Valamis’ management team point of view, the most important areas in sustainability were found in the area of social sustainability, handling data in a responsible way, and in making learning accessible for all.

As a result of the cooperation, Valamis updated its sustainability focus areas. The new sustainability focus areas are:

  • Responsible and Humane work
  • Environmentally Friendly Operations
  • Helping Customers to Cut Their Environmental Footprint
  • Data Safety and Responsible Use of Data

You can learn more about Valamis’ updated focus areas and sustainability acts on the Sustainability-page.

“In my role, I believe that the biggest individual factor in building corporate sustainability is the choices individuals make, and how the company supports them in their choices. How we guide the employee’s sustainability choices and acts through our values is an important part of a supervisor’s role. At Valamis, we also encourage people to suggest whether there is something we could do better or something we are currently doing that should be done more responsibly”, says Maria Vihtkari, Chief Human Resources Officer, Valamis.

About Valamis

Valamis is an international technology company specialising in cloud-based digital learning solutions that empower millions of learners, companies, and societies to solve their challenges with transformative learning experiences.  Valamis’ end-to-end learning solution includes Valamis’ LXP, LMS, LRS, Content Authoring Lesson Studio, eCommerce, and extensive integrations. Valamis creates long-term value for businesses and their people by being a strategic partner in learning while providing technology and consultancy services in design, data science, technology, corporate performance, and digital learning. Founded in 2003, Valamis is headquartered in Finland and maintains offices in countries around the world.

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