Webinar: Understanding Learning Data – ROI vs COI

How often do you see the buzzword “ROI”?

There are a million and one articles, webinars, LinkedIn posts talking about it…. Ultimately saying the same thing.

Looking at Return on Investment (ROI) is a critical part of L&D, but Cost of Inaction (COI) rarely gets a look in.

Why is COI as important as ROI (or possibly more important)?

What are the key differences? Why should it be essential in your conversations with senior leadership?

Join this interactive webinar with Valamis, hosted by the LPI to explore how to present both sets of data to C-suite, helping you to prove why L&D should have more budget despite the economic squeeze.

Key takeaways from the session:

• What are the main differences of ROI vs COI
Real-world examples of how to measure the success of learning initiatives with insightful data
• How to present your findings to senior leadership/ C-suite

Watch the webinar recording!