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Customer Satisfaction Marketing

Besides offering a database driven website, interactive with many types of Forms and questionnaires we offer below services with all of our packages. We not only set up these automated systems for your business, but we will also manage them as well as train your staff to use them.

CRM IntegrationSales Follow Up SystemNo Spamming
Website AnalyticsCoupon SystemSecure Shopping Cart
Customer ProfilesCustomer Account LoginSecure Payment & Refund system
Customer ReviewsReview Reward SystemService Feedback system
E-Newsletter /Auto Responders SystemSearchable Knowledge BaseSecure Email Server
Social Media Posting SystemBooking SystemFast Shipping & Labeling System

Below is Our Price List. Please call us at (312) 574-0883 talk to us, even if if you are not ready to work with us right now! 

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For Small Clientele
$ 999 Annual
  • Up To 100 Clientele
  • All Services included


Medium Clientele
$ 1499 Annual
  • Up To 1000 Clientele
  • All Services included


Large Clientele
$ 1999 Annual
  • Up To 3000 Clientele
  • All Services included