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The Story Of MediaJoy Brand

In March of 2020, MediaJoy began,  simply to support my wife Joy in her community networking here in Southside Chicago, creating this podcast site for her. Then her friend Bishop Shirley Coleman reinvented her ministry into a Church/Medical Clinic, so we build them this site…And Then a friend of mine Peter Hayes asked me to do a makeover of his non-profit site. And finally I made my own company site, which you are on. 

I have studied filmmaking and Visual Arts in my 20’s, but I did not continue it as a career, instead, kept up with it as a hobby. (watch my latest video).

After all those years, instead of as a cameraman, I am picking up the “camera”,  as a Web Branding Designer! You ask why?! Well, in my 20’s, shooting TV Commercials was the only major platform that I could tell the story of a business; but now there are dozens of media platforms that I could choose from. However, that brings up a major problem: ‘How can I create one voice for a business, in all of the platforms?!’  

Trying to answer that question, I got attracted to studying Web Branding since last year while being stuck indoors, due to you know what! I will continue this story in my next blog post.

Now it’s your turn to tell your story. Go here and set up an appointment so we can get to know each other!