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Mind Over Tools

You keep telling yourself “I’m going to get started with my audio visual marketing or my youtube channel or podcast”; but you keep procrastinating.
What we’re going to discover in these webinars is how we get started. What is the obstacle a lot of times is that we get lost in the tools and the techniques of audio visual marketing.
(However, it’s essential that we use a wind-screen on a wireless mic because when it is windy outside, it helps cancel out the background noise and have a clear sound).
So we want to use the simplest tools possible that yields the best technology but it’s least distracting from us relating to our customer.
Take mobile phone videography: your phone is always with you and so you can always practice with your tool.
Customers need to be informed how you’re going to solve their problems, how you’re going to stay with them and update them on the service or product you are providing. Through all that communication, they get to trust like and want you and your services and product. In your audio visual storytelling (marketing) they should feel like you’re just sitting with them at a park bench chatting informally. And that you are not talking over their head. Pick a topic that your customers are interested in, sometimes it could be a feature they’re asking about or it could be a complaint even, whatever it is that the key is that you want to relate to them.