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Customer’s Friend

We have to do a lot of guesswork of why our relationship with our customers not working, why are we not selling enough products or why are we not able to attract the people that will volunteer and work with us in our organization. We actually want to skip saying “hi” and go right to the business, thinking I want to do business with you, you’re not my friend, you’re just my customer!

Basically to be a friend means to connect but connect on a consistent long-term basis. So we usually think of our customers as a as a short-term connection. Are they part of our family?!

If we have a problem in our relationship with customers, for example, how they’re not appreciative of what we do for them, how they are not loyal to us and just leave. It seem theu don’t feel connected, don’t feel part of the family we you’re trying to build with our business. Well let’s look at how are we relating with our own family, how often do we say hi to them! If we’re honest about that answer we will see that same relationship reflects in our relationship with our customers.

Do we actually embrace our customers? Do we really listen to them? How do we resolve issues with our customers, Do we ask them “what can I do to make it better, whatever I did that was not of real service to you”?! We really need to reflect and connect from within and solve problems from inside first to outside of us.